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For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, "Smart Meter Program", “GAAO”, “we”, “us” or “our” means General Account Agent Organization. Your access to and use of this web site [the “Site”] constitutes your acceptance of the following terms of use [the “Terms”]. If you DO NOT agree to these Terms, DO NOT use this Site.

Membership Agreement

The Member, hereby retains General Account Agent Organization to perform a complete regulatory analysis of the factors and procedures used by Member Utility to render billings for all our existing utility meters and any acquired during this agreement. General Account Agent Organization will seek refunds and reductions in our utility costs. General Account Agent Organization's regulatory analysis conducted under the following terms and conditions will cover: Member Utility Ratebook - Retail Delivery Service – RDS. We direct General Account Agent Organization to provide us with the expertise and guidance of their regulatory analysts and support from their Smart Meter Program proprietary software technology for a maximum of thirty-six (36) months from this date for proper development and completion of a full term integrated study of our utility expenditures and billing.

a. We hereby appoint General Account Agent Organization as our Authorized Agent for the term of this agreement to work on our behalf, directly with Member Utility, advising us of all findings, recommendations, and negotiations.

b. We will provide General Account Agent Organization with access to any meter usage data or utility related information and communications General Account Agent Organization deems essential, for the term of this agreement so that General Account Agent Organization may continue this analysis, detect further overcharges that may occur, and monitor utility compliance with regulatory requirements.

c. We mutually agree that in return for the services described above, the Member shall pay General Account Agent Organization fifty percent of each previous Member Utility monthly bill refund, and a performance fee of $.00500 per kwh or fifty percent of each verified avoided cost in future Member Utility monthly billing, for a maximum term of 36 months following activation of the Member’s proprietary Smart Meter Program. After the maximum term ALL avoided cost become the Member’s. The Membership Fee is guaranteed by General Account Agent Organization to be fully funded through gross refunds, credits, or utility-related cost reductions in Member Utility monthly billing. The Member will have the option to a limited license of their proprietary Smart Meter Program software as a service for $100 per meter per month after the maximum term.

d. Upon fulfillment of this agreement by both parties, if there are no verified avoided costs through the application of General Account Agent Organization regulatory compliance recommendations, the Member will owe General Account Agent Organization nothing. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement, and can be changed only by mutual written consent.

This Agreement is legally accepted upon clicking the “Agree” button, which constitutes a completely executed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, Designation of General Account Agent, and Membership Agreement as of the Effective Date.