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Calculate Avoided Cost

Complete all fields on the calculator form. Carefully review the Terms and Privacy, then click each Agree button. When both are complete, then click Calculate Avoided Cost


Verify your utility account

You will need your username and password for the utility company website. This is required for the UtilityAPI to verify that you are an Authorized Employee for your organization.


Start avoiding cost

There is only one step left . . . Secure Access! We use Two Factor Authorization for each device used to access the meter circuit board. This is required for a secure Smart Meter Login!


Create your membership portfolio today

The Smart Meter Program has a variety of proprietary revenue accounting office features that guarantee utility regulatory compliance.

Manage your portfolio

Our portfolio of Smart Meter Program membership services represent one of the most inclusive and effective Public Utility Solutions, with comprehensive, portfolio-wide strategic guidance on regulatory compliance, utility billing, and smart meter technology.

Guaranteed results

All membership agreements specify and guarantee if there are no avoided cost results, then there is no membership fee. Members can elect either performance-based results or contingency-based outcomes.

Budget protection

The Smart Meter Program develops all membership fees from avoided cost, that have already been allocated (over budgeted) to cover utility and retail supplier cost. No initial capital is required, which will allow organizations to use avoided cost for other operating expenses.

Sole Source Procurement

The Smart Meter Program eliminates the hassles and risks associated with the energy procurement process. This means future utility projections are real time operating budgets.

Access. Anywhere!

All of our proprietary features are ready to go, easy to use and offer great value to any kind of organization


All the power of the Smart Meter Program, in the palm of your hand. Download the smart meter program mobile app today.

On the go


Powerful utility revenue accounting office platform for an on screen experience, that is tailor-made for your Windows or MacOS device.



UtilityAPI is designed to provide an easy and efficient way to verify your utility service account on the smart meter program platform.

All the time

The most trusted regulatory compliance platform!

Here are a few reasons why organizations need a smart meter program . . .

Secure remote programming

We connect securely with the vast majority of the digital assets in utility company infrastructure.


Risk Protection

Any transaction performed on the smart meter program is covered by a Euler Hermes Energy (ODP) insurance policy.


Regulatory Compliance

Utility compliance with digital asset transparency supports the core funtion of avoided cost.


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