Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Smart Meter Program?

The Smart Meter Program is a software technology developed by General Account Agent Organization using a proprietary Intellectual Property engineered to achieve the maximum Avoided Cost on every utility bill through regulatory compliance.

What is the purpose of mutual non disclosure?

Mutual access to confidential data is essential for transparency! Accurate usage and billing data is required for the analysis and verification of the myriad of regulated service schedules and riders entering the utility bill behind the meter. By registering with the Smart Meter Program, it provides absolute protection of privacy for all members. And allows our organization to disclose proprietary information that allows secured access to utility meter intellectual property.

What type of disclosure will occur when we register?

Once a Duly Authorized employee has completed the registration, a secure email is automatically generated, containing the Circuit Board username and password for the new member Smart Meter Program. The Meter User ID is ONLY provided to the Duly Authorized person at the official Organization email address. This is to ensure the protection of both parties Confidential Information, and simultaneously allow secure sharing of Confidential Information between both organizations.

What exactly are the Results found on the Regulatory Compliance Agreement?

The results contain all of the current charges that have already occurred behind the meter, in comparison to the actual avoided cost of regulatory compliance during the same time period. Your Organization may elect either the annual overall performance approach per kWh or the monthly contingency percentage approach, both of which are a no results no fee solution that allows your Organization to implement regulatory compliance with no upfront capital expenditure.

How do the Results and Regulatory Compliance Verification apply to Total Avoided Cost?

In order to confirm the veracity of avoided cost behind the meter, we independently rely upon the compliance measures of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. This specifically includes public utility matters consisting of case files, rates and tariffs, hearing schedules, dockets filed, and annual reports. Orders of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners regarding Public Utility Rulemaking and special proceedings are the foundation of ALL regulatory compliance verification.

When will the avoided cost start?

Immediately! Once your Organization's Smart Meter Program is activated, avoided cost are calculated in real time based on what the Organization's actual energy consumption is, not what your Organization reduces through energy efficiency measures. All avoided cost accumulate in real time, not based on future assumptions.

How much does it cost to get started?

There is no upfront capital expenditure necessary! The entire membership fee is exclusively derived from your organization's ongoing avoided cost. It's simple . . . No Results No Fee!

What are the benefits of becoming a Member?

• Secure API access to all utility smart meter revenue accounting office functions.

• Unlimited meters provide your Organization with portfolio wide avoided cost.

• Your Organization may elect either the annual overall performance approach or the monthly contingency approach, both of which allow your Organization to implement regulatory compliance with no upfront capital expenditure.