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Rate and Regulatory Transparency

Accurate Revenue Accounting Validated by clear consumer billing.


General Account Agent Organization audits and monitors the accurate and precise provision of quality utility account services. We do not provide utility services, we audit the provision of these account services by regulated entities. We offer free assistance to the public by facilitating, promoting, and ensuring the transparent access to affordable, reliable, environmentally sound and safe utility account services. We focus on the "BIG PICTURE" in public policy development and regulatory enforcement to accomplish utility consumer satisfaction with general account services. Protecting consumer interests while simultaneously allowing regulated entities to manage their businesses without undue interference. Which enables utility companies to accurately bill their end user accounts on a timely basis.


Dedicated to Public Service our practice spans across the entire United States. Our dedication to the practice is to closely follow the direction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which supports non-profit organizations dedicated to transparent access. Our advocacy adheres to the policies of the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners who regulate the entities that provide essential services such as energy, telecommunications, water, and natural gas. Our goal is that ALL regulated services reflect a balance of the needs and expectations of utility consumers. Our aim is to use our expertise to audit utility accounts through regulations, rules, rates, and other actions so consumers can depend on the availability of affordable, reliable, environmentally sound products and services.


EDUCATE with knowledge of and access to a variety of utility rates.

INNOVATION is valued as a means to fulfill utility bill savings.

TECHNOLOGY that makes wise use of Smart Grid and Smart Meter Program resources.

QUALITY is defined by strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

FAIRNESS in rate applications for billing codes and meter readings, from utilities to the consumer.

IN ALL OF THE ABOVE, we advocate for regulatory enforcement and protect the public interest through application of ANSI Code for Metering of revenue quality data.

Consumer Advocacy Agreements

Enable your rights with GAAO Membership to control ALL of your utility data.


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